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DUO Smart Monitor



DUO Flexibility, metrological reliability, operating security... for environmental noise measurement. 

Released at the end of 2010, DUO Smart Noise Monitor already demonstrated its performances on the field and worldwide (France, Italy, Switzerland, UK, Belgium, Thailand, Malaysia, Korea, Germany...).

Let’s review the key features of DUO, a new generation of sound level meters in action: New didicated website:



LSI-Data loggers

LSI-LASTEM is an Italian company manufacturer of a wide range of data loggers to measure physical parameters required in the environmental monitoring procedures: temperature, humidity, air speed, pressure, illuminance, gas concentration, noise, vibration, meteorological parameters, etc.

The product range and their functions are particularly wide in order to satisfy any requirement  in the environmental monitoring procedures achievable by portable and fixed systems for indoor and outdoor measurement.

net radiometer


Listen's AMPCONNECT - USB Controlled Loudspeaker & Microphone Test Interface.

AmpConnect makes loudspeaker, headphone, headset and microphone testing simpler AND more cost-effective. It replaces a soundcard (optional), an impedance box, amplifier, microphone power supply and digital I/O card with one simple USB controlled piece of hardware. AmpConnect provides all the necessary calibration, voltage, & current signals to perform acoustic and electronic tests such as frequency response, sensitivity, distortion, and impedance. It can also drive sound sources (e.g. mouth simulators) for testing microphones.

Integrated systems in Particle Characterization and Particle Dynamics Analysis (PDA) from Dantec Dynamic

Dantec Dynamics' Particle Dynamics Analysis (PDA) (also known as Phase Doppler Anemometry) systems measure on-line the size, velocity and concentration of spherical particles, droplets or bubbles suspended in gaseous or liquid flows.

A very common application is the analysis of atomised liquids (sprays). in e.g. fuel injection, spray painting, liquid metal spray and pharmaceutical sprays.




STEM-ISI Engineering S.r.l STEM-ISI Impianti is specialized in turn-key projects for the supply of whole labs and in the design and manufacture of special systems on specific request. Below is the closed circuit wind tunnel.


the ultran group, manufacture ultrasound instrumentation and systems for nondestructive analysis . Products include non contact transducers.




01dB, the leading brand in environmental acoustics helps you to perform noise and vibration measurements, to monitor environmental noise or to draw up strategic noise maps.

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LSI with the LASTEM trademark is an Italian company manufacturer of instruments to measure meteorological instruments.

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Listen is a world leader in audio test and measurement systems (audio analyzers). Listen’s flagship product, SoundCheck®, is a software and sound card based electroacoustic test and measurement system that can be customized with a selection of software options and audio input devicese needs in this ASEAN region.

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DANTEC (Denmark) Solutions for experimental fluid dynamics, computational fluid dynamics, paper process optimisation and indoor climate & ventilation testing.
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STEM-Isi Impianti
STEM-ISI Impianti is specialized in turn-key projects for the supply of whole labs and in the design and manufacture of special systems on specific request.
STEM-ISI Impianti's systems are updated, sized to school needs, manufactured with industrial components and characteristics of high quality.
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