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To complement the activities of supplying quality products and application packages, the company has set up a well-equipped service centre located at its Head Office, to provide technical and after sales service support to customers.

The centre maintains a whole range of service equipment, calibration tools and common spare parts to ensure timely and efficient servicing of instruments sold. It is manned by a team of full time, highly skilled, factory trained technical personnel with international exposure who have hands-on experience in testing, installation and commissioning of systems and capable of performing repairs and troubleshooting.

SVT's team of qualified engineers are also capable of providing consultative advice to existing and potential customers, in solving their sound & vibration problems, as well as fulfilling their needs for a total solution which may include consulting services, design, supply, customization, integration, testing, commissioning, and training to the users.

The company's engineers together with its principal, and including an external advisory panel are able to offer training courses, both public and in-house, in the various theory and applications of Sound & Vibration in various industrial and government segments.

Maintain and prove traceability to PTB, DPLA, and NIST
.Compliance with standards
.Assists with fulfillment of ISO9001:2000 requirements
.Customer defined calibrations

ISO 9001:2000
The S&V Teknik Service Center has ISO 9001:2000. We are proud to announce that we are certified to the new standard. The new ISO 9001:2000 requires a considerably increased customer focus and includes new customer satisfaction requirements.

The certification to ISO 9001:2000 is a clear indication that S&V Teknik Service Center is committed to meeting our Customer's expectations for service quality through a program of continual improvement. Always striving to be the best noise and vibration calibration lab in Malaysia requires continual improvements...and the ISO 9001:2000 certification is your guarantee that S&V Teknik will be there to meet your calibration needs and provide the highest quality calibration possible with customer satisfaction being the most important job of all.




Measuring or monitoring with properly calibrated equipment is the onlyway of knowing that your readings or results are correct. Regular calibration of your measuring equipment is not just an investment in quality, it can also be a source of real cost savings.

As a quality assurance tool, regular calibration of your equipment will help minimise the cost of errors due to faulty or inaccurate measurements. As well as ensuring optimum measurement precision, there are other good reasons to invest in regular calibration.

Calibration and Repairing of all B&K, 01dB & GRAS instrument locally


Sound Level Meters
Vibration Meters
Noise Dosemeters





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